Rosemary potato pizza

So what’s better than pizza? Pizza with potatoes, that’s what. And this pizza is remarkably simple. The first time I had potato pizza, a friend of a friend brought home a bunch of slices from the parlor he worked at in Royal Oak. I didn't ask him the name of the parlor, and then forgot... Continue Reading →

Red lentil köfte (mercimek köftesi)

I happened on this food by accident— a wonderful, slightly inebriated, delightful accident. This is the one time I didn’t quite believe my students. Usually, köfte refers to Turkish meatballs. My younger students often named köfte, meatballs, as their favorite food. However, my older students insisted that there was a vegetarian version of köfte, made with... Continue Reading →

Raw food roundup

  Updates: For raw food in the Detroit area, check out the wonderful food of Cacao Tree in Royal Oak; their sister restaurant, the Clean Plate, in Macomb County, and Try it Raw in Birmingham. Rightfully Raw sells fantastic guacamole (and other tasty snacks) at Detroit’s Eastern Market on Saturdays. Follow them on Facebook to see... Continue Reading →

Polish pickle soup

When I lived in Hamtramck, I loved buying homemade pickle soup from the Polish Market at the end of my street. I still miss their pirogies, but that’s a post for another day. Cucumbers are one of my favorite veggies— but cucumber soup is best served chilled. And until the temperature gets back into the... Continue Reading →

Carrot garlic soup

So it’s flu week at my work. I’m a teacher, and there’s only so much I can do to avoid other people’s germs. Short of washing my hands, popping vitamin C and generally trying to avoid being coughed on, I’ve been trying to eat healthy stuff. This soup is super easy to make, and has... Continue Reading →

Vegetarian Spam and musubi

The inauguration is this weekend— and what better way to celebrate than by making a vegan version of a quirky local food from the island where the president grew up? * For those who've spent time in Hawai’i, you’ve likely noticed that Spam, that weird, over-processed canned meat, is super popular there. (Thanks, in part,... Continue Reading →

Gluten-free pizza in metro Detroit

Need to grab a slice of pizza? Even if you’ve taken wheat out of your diet, there’s places in and around Detroit to get your pizza fix. Before ordering, know that most places with gluten-free pizza only offer it in one size— usually small or medium. And if you have celiac’s, ask the restaurant itself... Continue Reading →

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