Gluten-free pizza in metro Detroit

Need to grab a slice of pizza? Even if you’ve taken wheat out of your diet, there’s places in and around Detroit to get your pizza fix.

Before ordering, know that most places with gluten-free pizza only offer it in one size— usually small or medium. And if you have celiac’s, ask the restaurant itself about cross-contamination. Now, a quick list:

Buddy’s Pizza, a longtime Detroit favorite, offers a square crust wheatless pizza. Nine metro Detroit locations.

Cottage Inn Pizza offers neat veggie toppings (like broccoli, spinach and artichoke hearts) and various metro Detroit and Ann Arbor locations.

Cottage Inn's gluten-free and vegetarian pizza and salad.
Cottage Inn’s gluten-free and vegetarian pizza and salad.

Passport Pizza on Woodward in Detroit, and many, many other metro locations, has gluten-free crust.

Once outside of Detroit, there’s a number of places in Oakland County that have wheatless crust:

In Grosse Pointe, Extreme Pizza is a recent addition.

Green Zone Pizza in Grosse Pointe has both gluten-free pizza and sandwiches, and a long list of veggie toppings to choose from.

Hippie Pizza in Royal Oak is friendly to vegans, and is open late at night.

Also in Royal Oak is Pizzeria Biga. Bonus points for tofu as a pizza topping.

Amici’s Pizza, in Berkley, and to-go only in Birmingham.

Uncle Andy’s Pizza in Berekly and Farmington. Gluten-free comes in small only.

Brooklyn Street Pizza's vegetarian, gluten-free pizza.
Brooklyn Street Pizza’s vegetarian, gluten-free pizza.

Brooklyn Street Pizza in Birmingham has a great assortment of veggie toppings.

Renee’s Gourmet Pizza in Troy.

Dan Good Pizza, with tons of metro locations, offers a 7” square pizza crust.

If you find yourself near Ann Arbor for a game or show, there’s a couple good pizza options.

Aubrees, Ypsilanti.
Their pizza has good, chewy thin crust. Two locations, one in Depot Town.

Silvio’s  Organic, Ann Arbor. Two pizza sizes offered, fantastic selection of toppings (including vegan cheese.) Bonus points for the tasty, gluten-free tiramisu.

New York Pizza Depot, Ann Arbor. Very tasty pizza, and good cold the next day. Service left a little to be desired, though.

Did I miss your favorite place? Drop me a line at v.8mile at gmail dot com and let me

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