Vegan pop up tomorrow

Detroit's newest vegan restaurant-to-be is debuting their breakfast menu Sunday at the MOCAD in Detroit. On Detroit Vegan Soul's menu is garden fresh scrambled tofu, okra stew and "catfish" tofu— and sure to be as delicious as their BBQ tofu. For more information, check out their Facebook page. Their restaurant is slated to open this April.

New Mexican breakfast burritos

The vegan version can be found here. My favorite food from living in Albuquerque are breakfast burritos, the quintessential breakfast food. Yes, they’re very simple— but that may be why they’re so satisfying. Warn and spicy, they make a wonderful, filling breakfast food. I covered the different kinds of gluten-free tortillas that are available in... Continue Reading →

Tortillas, sans wheat

I did something dangerous and foolish: I stopped by Whole Foods after getting paid. Bad idea. I’ve had a craving for breakfast burritos recently— something I’ve been missing, after giving up wheat. After picking up several different kinds of gluten-free tortillas to try, I realized: lots of tortillas are already gluten free. They’re called corn... Continue Reading →

Gluten-free bread reviews

Thought I’d throw two gluten-free bread recommendations your way. While there’s some good commercially-made gluten free bread out there, there’s also a lot of terrible bread. And like other gluten-less products, it’s more expensive. (Sigh.) However, sometimes ya gotta have a sandwich. Canyon Bakehouse A friend whose father has celiac’s disease recommended this bread to... Continue Reading →

Vegan Turkish yogurt soup

Before I tried to make this soup, I had NO idea how hard it was to find plain nondairy yogurt in the Detroit area. I mean, really? No lactose-intolerance folks around, convincing Meijer to keep plain soy yogurt on the shelves? And I need to stress: whatever type of nondairy yogurt you use, make sure... Continue Reading →

Turkish Yogurt Soup

While yogurt soup may sound strange, this soup has a wonderful, distinctive flavor and is also very filling. When I first had this soup in Turkey, I had no idea it was made of yogurt. Since it had rice in it and an herb I couldn’t identify, I assumed it was some type of rice... Continue Reading →

Quick hit: Ethel’s Edibles, grand opening!

Need to satisfy a sweet tooth? You're in luck— today is Ethel's Edibles grand opening. Located in St. Claire Shore on Harper Avenue, they'll have specials on their wonderful baked goods, like cupcakes and whoopie cakes, until 4:30 today. (Those whoopie cakes are delightfully addicting.) And it's all gluten-free. For more info, check out their... Continue Reading →

Heart-shaped, gluten-free bliss

It’s a double whammy: not only do you have to find the perfect gift on Valentine’s Day, you’re shopping for someone who’s gluten-free or vegan, or both. Luckily, a couple of enterprising bakers in metro Detroit and Ann Arbor have got you covered with tasty, locally made baked goods for every dietary persuasion. (But really,... Continue Reading →

Sorghum beer and Superbowl snacks

  Either you’re a football fan, so you’ll want beer this Sunday, or you don’t like football but were invited to a Superbowl party anyway, so you’ll need to drink to keep yourself entertained. My heart broke a little when I realized I couldn’t eat gluten. No more beer— ever?I looove dark beer— Guinness in... Continue Reading →

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