Cooking disaster

I know this post isn’t what food blogs are about. Usually, food blogs showcase delicious recipes or useful products, all artfully arranged and well photographed— but I haven’t posted in a while, and I felt like sharing. Since I once lived down the street from the Polish Market in Hamtramck, pierogies— those wonderful, carbohydrate filled... Continue Reading →

Potato leek soup

Well, spring was there for a minute. This cold, rainy weather has put me in a comfort soup making mood— so here’s a recipe that I’ve been meaning to try. And I love potatoes and leeks. Normally, some type of cream is added to this soup, but I didn’t feel like making something that heavy.... Continue Reading →

Tabbouleh, gluten-free

I’ve been waiting and waiting to try this recipe! Good tabbouleh needs fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, and so is a dish best made in the summer. And this one is wonderful: light, filling, and versatile. Do you need a salad, a filling for a tortilla, a side dish? I love Arabic food, particularly Lebanese food.... Continue Reading →

Lettuce soup with tofu and bok choy

I first had cooked lettuce at a Chinese restaurant in Honolulu— and at first, I just assumed I was eating cabbage. Because why would you cook lettuce? Because it’s delicious, that’s why. The trick is to just steam or blanche it— overcooking lettuce would make it very soggy. Also, I like slicing the lettuce into... Continue Reading →

Sunshine, sunshine award!

My digital camera broke down while I was taking pictures for an upcoming recipe (sniff)— but then I found I had been nominated for a Sunshine Award by Try It Vegan. Cheered me right up! Also: I am debuting my brand-new header for this blog, designed by the very talented Heather Miller. Now, here for the... Continue Reading →

Gluten-free brownies

After taking a gluten-free baking class, and tasting Zingerman’s wonderful Townie Brownies, I decided to pull out a favorite recipe of mine. I made these brownies as gifts last Christmas, and they were a hit— wonderfully rich. Teff flour is traditionally used in Ethiopian cooking. It has a nutty flavor, so it blends deliciously with... Continue Reading →

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