Hooray for brown rice pasta

Pasta is one of my guilty pleasures, as I’ve mentioned before— but when it’s made with brown rice, I don’t feel guilty. Especially with winter approaching, pasta is my go-to comfort food, and I’ve been looking for easy ways to eat better. I’ve taken a look at a few different kinds of pasta before, and... Continue Reading →

Dining out in Grand Rapids

If a work of art is popular with the public, does that make it “good” art? Which is more important, the artist critics’ perceptions or the common person? And, perhaps most importantly, where can we find lunch? These, and other questions, I wondered walking around the streets of Grand Rapids. But after seeing Art Prize,... Continue Reading →

Tomato and cucumber salad

When made correctly, this salad creates a word I could not translate from Turkish. After lunch,  when I was teaching in Turkey, there was a savory liquid left in the bowl from a salad of cucumbers and ripe tomatoes. We were sharing food and language— my co-workers were trying to teach me Turkish, and I... Continue Reading →

Beyond Meat: a review

When I saw Beyond Meat at the Whole Foods in Ann Arbor, and one that one was gluten free, I grabbed it right away. I’ve been curious about this nifty faux meat product ever since Slate reviewed it. It’s supposed to be very much like meat— and the company is hoping to market it not... Continue Reading →

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