Beyond Meat: a review

the boxWhen I saw Beyond Meat at the Whole Foods in Ann Arbor, and one that one was gluten free, I grabbed it right away. I’ve been curious about this nifty faux meat product ever since Slate reviewed it.

It’s supposed to be very much like meat— and the company is hoping to market it not just to vegetarians, but to meat eaters who want a more ethical and environmentally sound alternative.

Fake meat is one of those products that makes people argue whenever it’s mentioned.

“But why don’t you just eat the meat?” carnivores always demand. “Why eat it something that tastes like meat if you’re vegetarian?”

Which is completely missing the point— one of which is savory-ness and protein; the other is ethical and moral. Yes, fake meat products are often very processed and full of sodium. But that’s why I don’t eat them every day—  or even every week.

But at the end of a long day, having your favorite meat substitute stashed in the fridge can be a wonderful timesaver.

Which brings me back to Beyond Meat. I snagged the chicken-free strips marked “lightly seasoned.” This stuff looked strangely like chicken— so much so that I double-checked the ingredients to make sure I hadn’t make a serious shopping mistake. This stuff ain’t “chick’n.” There was a good amount in the package, and at $5.69 a box, I was happy to see that.

Raw chick'n.
Raw chick’n.

As I cooked it up, it started to resemble chicken more and more, as it pinked and crisped. It also cooked slower that I was expecting. The mouth texture is very much like real chicken— the same chewiness and consistency, and simple, savory flavor. I think it’d be a great addition to a veggie shish kabob— it would hold up much more than tofu.

The verdict? I would totally buy this stuff again. The price is reasonable, the ingredients gluten-free, and it was a tremendous, tasty time-saver.

Beyond Meat, paired with Full Circle's gluten-free pasta and mother nature's spinach.
Beyond Meat, paired with Full Circle’s gluten-free pasta and mother nature’s spinach.

PS: the last time I ate chicken was over 17 years ago. Just saying.

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  1. The reason I would like to support products like this is because even if you can get one more person to switch from meat eating to being a vegan with something like this than it is a winner in my book. However I think sometimes the deterrent for most people is the price on these products. If we could get some tax breaks or something for eating these things it may help. Thanks for your great blog. I will keep reading your blog to find more great posts.

  2. I had the same reaction when I first had Beyond Meat. I kept thinking I had grabbed the chicken. I’ve added it into a few dishes and really enjoyed it.

  3. The more ways to help people go vegan or vegetarian, the better, in my opinion. I do wish the price was more reasonable on some of these products, though— especially the gluten-free ones. Thanks a lot for reading!

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