Black bean noodles

When I was a teenager, and “helping” my mom repaint my bedroom, I painted my closet black. Which immediately made it impossible to find anything, as all my clothes were black as well. Which is likely why, years later, the goth girl in me grabbed a package of black bean noodles while grocery shopping. Pasta... Continue Reading →

Toasted pumpkin seeds

“It smells like childhood!” one of my friend’s roommates said, walking into the kitchen. Between the sweet, heavy-vegetable smell of raw pumpkin and the toasting smell of pumpkin seeds, the kitchen did have some of the best scents of autumn. Personally, I think this is the most wonderful time of year: dressing up in costumes,... Continue Reading →

Mushroom cream sauce, vegan

I started working on this recipe because I love mushrooms— also, I wanted a creamy sauce without being very heavy. One of the tricks to getting through winter while eating healthy is to substitute lighter versions of filling, comfort foods. This recipe was adapted from the Daily Garnish. This sauce works great over pasta, rice, or... Continue Reading →

Purple potato eater: recipe update

When I saw baskets full of purple potatoes at the Ann Arbor farmer's market, I couldn't resist buying them. And with the weather growing cooler, I decided they'd make great soup. (And yes, I've got that silly 1950s song stuck in my head. I blame my Pandora Halloween station.) I've seen them for sale in... Continue Reading →

Locally made salad dressing

  Until I learn to make my own salad dressing— which I fully intend to make this New Year’s resolution— I’m on the hunt for tasty salad dressing that isn’t full of corn syrup or long lists of chemically ingredients. Teta Foods Fattoush dressing is great for all kinds of salads. Light and rich in... Continue Reading →

Turkish lentil soup, with mint

Lentil soup is delicious, easy to make and nutritious— and on my quest to re-create the soup I dined on in Turkey, I took a Turkish cooking class from the Turkish American Cultural Center in Troy.Very glad I did— because while I love the thick lentil soup I make with cumin, this lighter soup is very... Continue Reading →

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