Creamy wild rice soup with tofu

I first had this at a small brew pub in the upper peninsula— but on a hot, summery day. Remembering the flavor of wild rice, I made this one richer, more like a stew, for a cold winter day. Interestingly, I also discovered that what I thought was wild rice is, in fact, not a... Continue Reading →

Spicy chard soup with coconut milk

I first had a variation of this at the Ypsilanti Co-op— although they used spinach instead of chard. But the creaminess of coconut milk, the spice of curry and the tang of lemon comes together in an interesting, complex soup. A couple things: I like my swiss chard with a lot of body, so it’s... Continue Reading →

Spicy pumpkin soup

This recipe gave me a new appreciation for a spice I’ve only used for garnish: paprika. While shopping at Horrock’s in Lansing, I came across a jar of spicy, smoked paprika. And it’s delicious: a good flavor, and just enough spice. Though I love both pumpkin and squash soup, I haven’t been brave enough to try it... Continue Reading →

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