Locally made falafel, gluten-free

If I was queen of the world, falafel would be sold on downtown city street corners instead of hotdogs, and it would be easier to find in an airport than bad pizza, and falafel stands would dot the highways instead of fastfood hamburger joints. And when I graduate from grad school, I’m going to get... Continue Reading →

Eating soba with confidence

I first tasted soba noodles in Chicago, looking for vegetarian options at a sushi restaurant. Served chilled, with green onions and a savory dipping sauce, soba has a stronger flavor than plain old wheat or rice pasta. They’re made with buckwheat, a grain that’s actually not related to wheat at all— hooray the accuracy of... Continue Reading →

Tasty Bakery review: the sweetness of gluten-free

Finding delicious, satisfying treats when eating gluten-free or vegan can be like a scavenger hunt. But discovering Tasty Bakery tucked among the produce stalls at the Ann Arbor Farmers Market’s is like discovering a treasure trove: rich brownies, chewy cookies, and other seasonal treats. Baker Julie Rabinovitz, who has Celiac's, has been crafting gluten-free sweets... Continue Reading →

Red lentil soup, unshelled

Cooking healthy is one way I get through Michigan winter: being around the stove keeps one warm, the scents of cooking brightens the apartment, and a recipe gives you something to concentrate on besides the gray, chilly weather. It’s all too easy to curl up under a blanket with a bag of chips and not... Continue Reading →

Homemade vegetable stock

What’s an easy way to take the chill out of winter weather and make your kitchen smell wonderful? Make homemade vegetable stock. The Detroit area has been hit with a ton of snow, so until you feel like venturing out, I’d find things to do indoors. Making veggie stock is one of the ways I... Continue Reading →

Year in review: veggie restaurants

Happy New Year! 2013 was a great year for vegan restaurants. Detroit and Ann Arbor both had vegan restaurants open, and Macomb County saw it’s first all-vegetarian restaurant open. However, first, a sad adieu to Greengo’s, on the east side in Grosse Pointe. They had great smoothies and tasty breakfasts. Best of luck to the... Continue Reading →

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