Locally made falafel, gluten-free

Sarah's Gluten-Free Falafel, cooked.
Sarah’s Gluten-Free Falafel, cooked.

If I was queen of the world, falafel would be sold on downtown city street corners instead of hotdogs, and it would be easier to find in an airport than bad pizza, and falafel stands would dot the highways instead of fastfood hamburger joints. And when I graduate from grad school, I’m going to get me a Lebanese cookbook and master the art of making falafel, those little perfect patties of chickpeas, parsley and deliciousness.

Defrosted package.
Defrosted package.

Until then, I’ll buy Sarah’s Gluten Free Falafel, because it is easy, delicious and healthy to make. And while I love cooking, sometimes life and chaos happens, and I like having quality, local products for backup.

I picked mine up at the grocery store Hillers, as I was preparing to write a research paper (for the class I take), and to grade essays (from the classes I teach), as well as pack up my apartment to move. Time was not on my side.

The falafel mixture comes in frozen packages, and take around an hour to thaw. I cooked my falafel up all up at the same time, and then I had little falafel patties to take to work for lunch.

They’re super easy to make— something that is a wonderful tine-saver. Most pre-bought falafel (like Jerusalem Food’s) come in pre-frozen forms, and I feel like you get more plastic tray than falafel. Also, with these, you can form them into burger-sized patties, or into smaller balls.

Uncooked falafel balls.
Uncooked falafel balls.

If you’ve never dealt with falafel before, it’s fairly simple. First, let the falafel defrost completely. Next, form the falafel mix into small balls. Drop the balls onto a hot pan with oil, fry until crunchy on one side, then flip them over to fry on the other side. Let the patties drain on paper towel. I’ve also seen recipes for baked falafel, which is healthier— but I do prefer it fried. It’s up to you.

One fried on both sides, one still cooking.
One fried on both sides, one still cooking.

Sarah’s is also available at Rumi’s Gluten Free Bakery in Plymouth— so if you buy some of Rumi’s delicious cupcakes, you can totally justify it with a healthier purchase!

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