I am going to eat tropical fruit and imagine, until spring

Eating tropical fruit reminds me of places I’ve been— or new places I want to go. In my mind, the taste of papaya will always be linked with Hawai’i. I can even remember the last papaya I had— stopped at a convenience store on the big island, and they happened to have a pile of... Continue Reading →

Michigan & midwest made gluten-free noodles

This will likely be my last noodle review for a while— and this time, I’m writing about locally made gluten-free pasta. I spotted Mrs. Glee’s gluten-free bean noodles at the Ypsilanti Food Co-Op. As a lot of noodles are just empty carbohydrates, Mrs. Glee’s are different— with 8 grams of protein a serving, they’re actually... Continue Reading →

Vegetable lasagna, with brown rice noodles

At 14, when I was a newly-minted vegetarian, there was only one all-vegetarian restaurant near my house— the Salad Bar, on Michigan Avenue in Dearborn. One of my favorite dishes was their baked vegetable lasagna, made with broccoli. In middle school, my grandmother and I would often go together, splitting a salad and an entree.... Continue Reading →

Restaurant reviews and listings: Detroit

I’ve indicated whether each restaurant is vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free. All places with a vegetarian-only menu are in bold. Detroit Detroit Vegan Soul, Indian Village (vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free)          With recipes based on family dishes and quality ingredients, this place is a must-try. All the food I’ve had has been excellent, and the recipes are... Continue Reading →

A delicious pile of gluten-free crackers

When I first went gluten-free, I found it was a wonderful excuse to get out of eating pointless carbs. But then, I found myself missing crackers, and getting tired of basic rice crackers (even though San-J’s crackers are tasty.) A few basic criteria: they couldn’t be too unhealthy— not a ton of preservatives and sodium. Also, they... Continue Reading →

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