Best day ever: gluten-free gingerbread!

When you’re gluten-free, finding a new wheatless product can make your day. Which is how it was with these cookies: I had been told that the area of the Czech Republic I’m in, near Hradec Králové, is known for their gingerbread. Of course, I figured I couldn’t eat any. Til I wandered into my favorite shop,... Continue Reading →

Goulash: vegan, gluten-free, and possibly Polish

Seeing signs for “authentic Czech goulash” all over Prague brought back memories of my grandmother’s goulash, which I’d always assumed was a Polish dish. What “goulash” means is a bit vague— and as my research and conversations with other relatives points to, that goulash is less about a specific recipe and more about what’s in... Continue Reading →

Enjoying the springtime in Wrocław

I had no concrete plan in going to Wrocław, other than I wanted to go to Poland because I’m part Polish. And I lucked out— a lovely spring weekend, flowers blooming, and timing that always worked. The forests on rolling hills I saw on the train ride reminded my of the places where fairy tales... Continue Reading →

Getting lost in Prague

So I spent all this time on the train, studying a guidebook and making of list of historical things and museums to see in Prague. I’d even made a list of gluten-free friendly and vegetarian restaurants to try. Once there, I got on the tram, and two stops later, saw a sign for a vegan... Continue Reading →

The zen of a good sandwich

I bought this sandwich at a tiny store tucked in the shadows of the White Tower and the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit near the Adalbertinum bus stop in Hradec Králové. And it was once of the best sammiches I’ve had in a long time. The cultural and languages differences in the Czech Republic were... Continue Reading →

Mung bean stew with tempeh

So I’ve been a little distracted this week— recovering from Prague and trying to figure out my student teaching schedule— so I thought I’d post something more simple: a recipe for stew. I’ve noticed a lot of the health food stores here in the Czech Republic have smoked tempeh and smoked tofu, which made me... Continue Reading →

Lunch in Pardubice, and zdravá food

After the morbid epic-ness of the bone cathedral yesterday, it seemed appropriate to do something more relaxed today— like tour around the town square of Pardubice, the next large town by train over from Hradec Králové. And today, I’m going to let the photos speak for themselves. I did venture out dining again— and since... Continue Reading →

How to say “gluten free” in Czech

For the past few mornings, I've been ignoring the bakeries full of delicious-looking Czech sweets as I walk past. Heck, if I can give up homemade perogies from Hamtramck, I can easily give up something I never had in the first place. (Right?) Luckily, one of the students at the university knew what I meant... Continue Reading →

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