Best day ever: gluten-free gingerbread!

Gingerbread from Pardubice, Czech Republic.
Gingerbread from Pardubice, Czech Republic.

When you’re gluten-free, finding a new wheatless product can make your day. Which is how it was with these cookies: I had been told that the area of the Czech Republic I’m in, near Hradec Králové, is known for their gingerbread. Of course, I figured I couldn’t eat any.

Gingerbread from Bazalka.
Gingerbread from Bazalka.

Til I wandered into my favorite shop, Bazalka, last Friday. And what did I see, but bags of gluten-free gingerbread waiting for me. And there’s just something wonderful about realizing that, while you thought a food was off limits, some thinking person made a version you can happily nibble on.

Short post, but have a great weekend!

Bag of cookies.
Bag of cookies.

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