Final morning in Hradec Králové

I'm typing this right before I get on a train to leave Hradec Králové— my home in the Czech Republic since February— and I'm sending myself off with a gluten-free cream puff from Bazalka. Very short post— and it's almost impossible to capture that transitional moment of leaving anyhow. So, it's off to the next adventure...

Enjoying the vegan buffet in Prague

I think the all-vegan Loving Hut in Prague slowly became one of my favorite restaurants— and a great reason to hop a train to the city. Between the selection of gluten-free and raw cakes, to their simple and tasty veggie and tofu combinations, there hasn’t been a trip to Prague where I haven’t eaten at... Continue Reading →

Bratislava, Slovakia: unexpectedly lovely

Bratislava was unexpectedly beautiful— for a capitol city I had not heard of before, I was charmed. Perhaps because it’s in the shadow of the more well known Prague and Budapest, finding Bratislava seemed like finding something unexpected and hidden. My first night there, I wandered into Old Town, and found a stage set up... Continue Reading →

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