A glass of Kofola: and saying goodbye to the Czech Republic

A week before I left the Czech Republic, I impulsively bought a bottle of Kofola— (a glass bottle! makes the taste better you know)— that unique Czech brand of pop, which was meant to replace Coca-Cola when western products weren’t allowed during the communism years. The only other time I’d had Kofola was while drinking,... Continue Reading →

Discovering the greenery in Belgrade

Belgrade reminds me of Bratislava, in that it’s an interesting, often very pretty capital city, overshadowed by its more famous neighbors. And I was especially taken by its greenery, and the lovely riverside. I will admit, when I passed over the Hungarian border, and out of the European Union, I realized I felt a little... Continue Reading →

Yes, Virginia, I do have issues with wheat

Making fun of gluten-free food is just about as trendy as eating it. And honestly, I’m really dang tired of random acquaintances, family, co-workers, exes and people in my Facebook feed suddenly becoming nutritional experts and lecturing me about what I should and shouldn’t eat. (A word: most of my friends and close family have... Continue Reading →

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