Transitions: between here and there

I could blame jet lag, but that's only partially true. I am behind on writing— so here's some photos of cats with food, until I can catch up on the traveling posts and recipes. Life has happened (in the form of a job hunt, flight overseas, visiting family and teaching.)  In the meantime, though, I'm... Continue Reading →

31 and a half hours in Warsaw

While planning this trip, I kept seeing articles with names like “36 hours in Warsaw,” which reminded me of other travel articles about 24 or 72 hours in a city, and I wondered whose trips and lives fall so neatly into those types of hours. Here’s my trip, and doesn’t fall into a neat time... Continue Reading →

Cabbage & rice noodle pancakes

The recipe was invented so I could enjoy the fried veggie pancakes I’ve seen in Poland, and also to deal with a surplus of rice noodles. When I first moved to the Czech Republic, I bought wayyy more rice noodles then I needed. Since I was unfamiliar with the grocery stores and what was available,... Continue Reading →

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