Easy breakfast recipe for Labor Day

Visiting my family in Chicago as a child was so exciting—of course, the city was great fun. Also, my grandfather would make breakfast, and his molletes were spicy and delicious, and something I never had at home. Here is that recipe, for Labor Day. These little open-faced breakfast sandwiches are super easy to make. My grandfather... Continue Reading →

Saturday in Detroit

It was a perfect day to spend in Detroit. Every time I leave Detroit and come back, I wonder why I left in the first place. Especially seeing the new growth, business and development— particularly outside the downtown/Midtown area— I have been very happy to see the city grow and really start to make steps... Continue Reading →

Review: Crow’s Nest (Kalamazoo)

If you’re in western Michigan, you gotta stop by the Crow’s Nest— for their delicious vegan breakfasts, and excellent coffee.Makes breakfast simple, yet delicious again— and when you’re looking for good vegan food, that’s not always an easy task. The scrambles are huge—I couldn’t finish either— but I still found room for the fresh fruit.... Continue Reading →

Eggplant & tomato bake

Eggplants are funny vegetables— lovely color, delicate flavor, but if cooked wrong, they’re pretty tasteless and horrible. And badly cooked eggplant has actually ended two dates I’ve been on. One was years ago, when a fellow came over to my place, ignored my gentle suggestions for food I do like, and made this big deal... Continue Reading →

Product review: gluten-free ravioli

So, my ultimate goal is finding gluten-free pierogi— one that was sadly unsuccessful in Poland. However, between visiting friends and family, and starting teaching again, a trek across Ypsilanti and metro Detroit for Old World Gluten-Free Pierogi will have to wait. But when I saw Conte’s gluten-free cheese ravioli at the Meijer's in Ypsilanti, I... Continue Reading →

Vegetarian, gluten-free pizza and graduating!

Milestones: I am officially finished with my master’s degree, all paperwork finalized and diploma in hand. Woo! And no better way to celebrate achievements than with a family get together, pizza, and playing Pomp and Circumstance on kazoos. (What, your family doesn’t do that? Weird.) Also, I can now offer a review of Cottage Inn... Continue Reading →

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