Vegetarian, gluten-free pizza and graduating!

Cottage Inn's gluten-free and vegetarian pizza and salad.
Cottage Inn’s gluten-free and vegetarian pizza and salad.

Milestones: I am officially finished with my master’s degree, all paperwork finalized and diploma in hand. Woo! And no better way to celebrate achievements than with a family get together, pizza, and playing Pomp and Circumstance on kazoos. (What, your family doesn’t do that? Weird.)

Also, I can now offer a review of Cottage Inn pizza: like most other places, their gluten-free pizza comes on a smaller, more expensive crust. (Gusty sigh.) But the variety of toppings— broccoli, spinach, fresh tomatoes, pesto sauce— made me forgive them the small pizza size.

And on taste: really good, the crust is thin and crunchy, holds up well, and makes excellent breakfast pizza the next morning.

Pizza... mmm.
Pizza… mmm.
how to order pizza

But, I would be remiss if I didn’t include this comic in— because no family gathering involving pizza is entirely stress-free.

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