Product review: gluten-free ravioli

Conte's gluten-free cheese ravioli, with broccoli and tomatoes.
Conte’s gluten-free cheese ravioli, with broccoli and tomatoes.

So, my ultimate goal is finding gluten-free pierogi— one that was sadly unsuccessful in Poland. However, between visiting friends and family, and starting teaching again, a trek across Ypsilanti and metro Detroit for Old World Gluten-Free Pierogi will have to wait.

But when I saw Conte’s gluten-free cheese ravioli at the Meijer’s in Ypsilanti, I knew I had to try them. And I am so glad I did— they’re wonderful ravioli! And they’ll sate my carb craving— for the time being.

They’re super tasty, and they hold up just like wheat ravioli. Seasoned well, they’re stuffed with plenty of cheese, and they’re very flavorful. Great consistency— would not have pegged ‘em for gluten-free. The pasta cooks up well, and is nice and tender. There was about enough for three meals, with about four ravioli each.

However: be very careful not to overcook them, for if you do, the they come apart and the cheese filling gets everywhere. Like many gluten-free products, they’re a bit on the pricy side, and I wish the company had put a few more in the bag.

As for nutrition: well, it’s good if you pair ’em with freshly steamed veggies (see my photograph!) Here’s the ingredients list:


Of course, looking at their website, I realize that they also sell pierogis. But to heck with all that… I’m off in search of locally-made pierogis this weekend.

Teh package.
Teh package.

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