Review: Crow’s Nest (Kalamazoo)

The Queen Anne's Revenge breakfast scramble, with tofu.
The Queen Anne’s Revenge breakfast scramble, with tofu.

If you’re in western Michigan, you gotta stop by the Crow’s Nest— for their delicious vegan breakfasts, and excellent coffee.

Makes breakfast simple, yet delicious again— and when you’re looking for good vegan food, that’s not always an easy task. The scrambles are huge—I couldn’t finish either— but I still found room for the fresh fruit. The portions are generous, with perfectly seasoned tofu and vegetables. And their homemade ailoi sauce? Mmmm… And yes, if you’re vegetarian, you can get eggs too. (They’re not an all-vegan restaurant, just have good vegan options.)

The Garden Patch Scramble, with tofu.
The Garden Patch Scramble, with tofu.

There’s a lot more on their menu then just breakfast— they have a good selection of salads and wraps as well. (Somehow, I didn’t get around to trying their black bean burger or the portobello with pesto sauce. Just means I’ll have to go back!)

Their baked goods, both desserts and breads, are made in the bakery-coffee shop downstairs, Fourth Coast Cafe. And they have vegan brownies and gluten-free carrot cake. And man oh man, is this carrot cake amazing. Moist, not crumbly, tasting of shredded carrots and the creamy, perfectly sweet dressing— I wish they shipped this stuff across the state.

Magical, delicious carrot cake.
Magical, delicious carrot cake.

I asked the waitress about gluten-free bread, and she replied that the bakery was working on it. Can’t wait to try it!


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  1. Hello v8mile and thank you for your kind words! However, it seems we have had a misunderstanding regarding the fruit we serve. None of the food we sell at the Crow’s Nest Restaurant or the Fourth Coast Cafe and Bakery is sourced from the garden behind our facility. It is simply a hobby project of some of our employees. My apologies regarding the misinformation.

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