Product review: Schär’s gluten-free pizza crust

Schar's pizza crust.
Schar’s pizza crust.

I now understand why almost all the gluten-free pizzas I order are the same size: they just might be Schär’s pizza crust. However, it’s not bad pizza crust. While I’ve been meaning to work on a good pizza dough recipe, I haven’t found the time yet. (Grad school, yo.)

It costs 15 zlotys (about 5 dollars) at one of the larger, out of the way big-box grocery stores. Disclosure: I did buy this when I was in Poland (yes, behind on posting!)

There are two pizza crusts in the box, which is nice— felt like I was getting more value that way. Also, they’re individually wrapped, so you don’t have to use them both at once. The instructions are in a bunch of different languages, with pictures as well.

Straight outta the oven, topped with mushrooms, black olives and ontons— my personal favorite.
Straight outta the oven, topped with mushrooms, black olives and ontons— my personal favorite.

It’s a pretty good crust. It got a little fluffy, a bit chewy, in the oven. Not amazing— but it has a nice texture, holds together well, and the taste is decent as well. (And I’m pretty sure that this is what some places use for their crust.)

The box, with some future toppings.
The box, with some future toppings. (Idea: mix red pesto and pizza sauce together— it’s really tasty!

I go back and forth with products from companies like Schär, and especially Glutino, in the U.S. They are often over processed, made with fluffy filler flours and potato starch, and not very good for you. But going gluten-free means giving up on almost all baked goods, everywhere— and even being able to grab a slice of pizza with co-workers. So, on the other hand, when one is craving a donut or some Oreo-like cookies, I really like having a few brands to fall back on. While cooking from scratch is nice, it’s also very time consuming— and baking bread is one thing, but making specialty items, like English muffins or bagels, is more of a daunting task.

Also: this crust totally passes the cold pizza test. Breakfast pizza!

Has anyone else used Schär’s products? What did you think of them?

Veggie pizza... mmm.
Veggie pizza… mmm.

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