Easy breakfast recipe for Labor Day

My aunt's molletes.
My aunt’s molletes.

Visiting my family in Chicago as a child was so exciting—of course, the city was great fun. Also, my grandfather would make breakfast, and his molletes were spicy and delicious, and something I never had at home.

Here is that recipe, for Labor Day. These little open-faced breakfast sandwiches are super easy to make. My grandfather made his with slices of French bread; my aunt used the gluten-free crackers Le Pain Des Fleurs.


You’ll need:

refried beans

cheese (dairy or vegan)

bread or crackers

salsa (spice level up to you)


1. Spoon the beans onto the bread or crackers.

2. Top with cheese.

3. Warm the bread, cheese and beans in a pan on medium low heat, until the cheese is getting melty.

4. Remove the molletes from the pan, top with salsa and enjoy.

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