Halloween in Poland?

A question about Halloween being celebrated in Poland devolved into a heated discussion about “a devil’s holiday” between my Polish students in an English class this week. I defused the discussion by bringing up El Dia de los Muertos, the Hispanic holiday that seems between both Halloween and All Saint’s Day, spiritually— where mourning and... Continue Reading →

Halloween pasta

This is, hands down, my favorite holiday— and I like giving as many things as I can a Halloween-y touch. Costumes, spooky things, candy— and of course, the proper colors. So, here are reviews of two pastas, which when combined, make the perfect Halloween noodle dish. First up is Tolerant red lentil penne pasta, which... Continue Reading →

Dreams of feasts

“Those who dream of a banquet may wake to lamentation and sorrow. Those who dream of lamentation and sorrow may wake to join a hunt.” —Zhuang Zhou, 4th century, BCE I’ve written about food in novels before— but I recently finished two books that drove home how integral food is, in both a cultural and... Continue Reading →

Blueberry muffins, and a major life change

There are breakfasts with family, and then there are breakfasts with family on the day you fly out of the country. (Yes, I'm leaving the country, again!) A family member brought along a new gluten-free brand— All But Gluten— which makes both blueberry muffins and coconut macaroons. These muffins were great (I’d say they’re even... Continue Reading →

These bagels taste like fish

Normally, I don’t like to get all negative on this blog— I like to highlight good-quality vegetarian and gluten-free products. But O’Dough’s Bagel Thins were such a disappointment that I'm ranking them right up there with my personal "inedibles:" the unpalatable, dryer than dust rice bread by Ener-G, gritty De Boles pasta, and Food For Life’s... Continue Reading →

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