Gluten-free cookie dough ice cream: two reviews

Gluten-free, dairy free cookie dough ice cream.
Gluten-free, dairy free cookie dough ice cream.

Flashback to grocery shopping in the United States:

“Hey, I haven’t had this kind yet,” I said, picking up a pint of gluten-free cookie dough ice cream. My friend stared.

“There’s more than one kind of cookie dough ice cream… that doesn’t have wheat cookie dough or milk in it,” my friend said slowly.”

“Uh, yes,” I said, looking at the label. “This is vegan.”

“America,” my friend said, nodding. “That’s awesome.”

And it is: So Delicious has two kinds of dairy-free, gluten-free ice cream.

Cookie dough ice cream is something I quietly gave up with gluten— and it’s also one of those store-bought treats that seems tricky to impossible to make at home. I’ve had “make own salad dressing!” on my to-do list for… oh, I don’t know. At least two years. At some point, I’ll do that.

In the meantime, I’m gonna enjoy So Delicious’ latest, more wonderful creation: gluten-free, vegan cookie dough ice cream.

I’ve raved about So Delicious’s coconut milk ice cream on this blog before. Smooth and creamy, it satisfies that craving for something rich, sweet and chilled.

Hm. A bit too much coconut.

However, the first kind of cookie dough ice cream I tried was… well, strange. I bought the coconut ice cream version, and, well… coconut is great in macaroons. But the coconut flavor just doesn’t mesh well with the cookie dough bits. The cookie dough itself was great: rich chunks of teasingly sweet, chewy cookie dough bits. I wound up just digging the cookie dough out and ignoring the coconut ice cream.

Mmm ice cream...
Mmm ice cream… this stuff is amazing.

The regular cookie dough ice cream is wonderful. The creamy, subtle vanilla flavor perfectly sets off the chunks of cookie dough, and there’s plenty of chocolate swirled into the ice cream itself. Brought back memories of those cookie dough ice cream shakes from Dairy Queen, and Ben and Jerry’s version of it. Never would guess this stuff is both non-dairy and non-wheat.

And, for the adult in us, I’ve included the ingredients list at the bottom (FYI, this is for the coconut flavored ice cream.)


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