Halloween pasta

Black rice noodles and red lentil pasta, uncooked.
Black rice noodles and red lentil pasta, uncooked.

This is, hands down, my favorite holiday— and I like giving as many things as I can a Halloween-y touch. Costumes, spooky things, candy— and of course, the proper colors.

So, here are reviews of two pastas, which when combined, make the perfect Halloween noodle dish.

First up is Tolerant red lentil penne pasta, which I bought because I love red lentils. This is a great pasta, as the flavor is piquant but not overwhelming. Also, the noodles have a great texture, softening up perfectly when cooked, and aren’t the least bit crumbly. Bonus: they have lots of protein. (Reminds me of black bean noodles, which I’ve tried before. Nutrition info at end of post.) However: at they’re about 7.99 a box, they’re best as a once a year splurge. Gusty sigh.

Cooked red lentil pasta.
Cooked red lentil pasta.

Next is Lotus Food’s black rice ramen. These make delicious ramen, holding up like white rice noodles in soup, and has a distinctive, savory flavor. However: it does look pretty weird when cooked. The goth girl in me was delighted by the odd pasta, but the adult in me wants to give you a heads-up.

(Note: both of these were purchased at the La Montanita Co-op in Albuquerque.)

(Ok: I was going to make black sesame seed brownies, but I can’t figure out how to light the pilot light on my new oven.)IMG_5025



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