Tofu with tomatoes (Dau Sot Ca Chua)

What I love about this dish is how simple it is— just a couple ingredients, and though it looks elaborate, it is very easy to prepare. When the tomatoes cook down, they create their own rich, delicious sauce. I first had this dish at Affinity Gardens in Winnipeg, and the savory, tangy tomatoes were a... Continue Reading →

Happy Thanksgiving!

Since I'm overseas, I decided to throw a small, impromptu Thanksgiving dinner with a friend: tofu and tomatoes, potato pancakes and Turkish red lentil köfte. Ok, so that's in no way traditional— but I enjoyed the cooking, and my friend enjoyed the different flavors. Have a great Thanksgiving, no matter where you are!

Giving thanks: cool friends and family

It’s easy to spend time being grumpy about folks not understanding why I’m a vegetarian or gluten-free. But this Thanksgiving, when I’m eleventy-thousand milemeters from home,* I’m realizing how great my friends and family are— and how lucky I am. So here is a shoutout to my awesome friends and family who are cheerfully creative... Continue Reading →

Kickstarting Tasty Bakery

I'm really excited about this— Ann Arbor area's Tasty Bakery is looking to open a brick-and-mortar shop! Which means more of their gluten-free and vegan desserts and breads. Honestly, I like their baked goods not just because they're wheat free, but because they're delicious. Their teff bread makes great sandwiches, their savory rosemary crackers make... Continue Reading →

Housekeeping: new gluten-free MI resources

Super short post, but I want to mention: I have put together a list of resources for those going gluten-free in Michigan, such as support groups and bakeries. Priorities! Also, I've slightly reorganized my menus— hoping to make my blog easier to navigate. Please take a moment to admire my brand-new banner, showing both Detroit and Poland,... Continue Reading →

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