Vegan fish cakes

After vacationing in Denmark, I realized something. While there were fabulous vegan restaurants, none of them had vegan takes on traditional Danish food (at least none that I’ve found.) Since I didn’t find a Vegan Viking restaurant, I decided to try to make my own. Fish cakes were popular on all the restaurant menus I... Continue Reading →

Review: Katz gluten-free donuts

    I’d assumed that it would be easy to keep gluten-free, dairy-free donuts in the house. Wrong. Not when they’re Katz donuts, as the friends I was staying with couldn’t resist them. Pictured are the two kinds I’ve tried, sugar glazed and chocolate frosted. And they’re wonderful: perfectly sugary and sweet, the right amount... Continue Reading →

Vulcan Plomeek Soup (vegan)

Star Trek trivia: Vulcans are vegetarians. And after reading about the passing of Leonard Nimoy on Friday, I decided I needed to do something in memoriam, other than watch Star Trek reruns on YouTube and sniffling. Like many others, to me, Spock represented a slightly awkward, overly intelligent outsider, who never felt truly at home... Continue Reading →

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