Review: Katz gluten-free donuts

Mmm donuts…



I’d assumed that it would be easy to keep gluten-free, dairy-free donuts in the house. Wrong. Not when they’re Katz donuts, as the friends I was staying with couldn’t resist them.

Pictured are the two kinds I’ve tried, sugar glazed and chocolate frosted. And they’re wonderful: perfectly sugary and sweet, the right amount of chocolate-ly goodness, and a great soft texture. While some gluten-free products can seem rather undersized, these are about the size of regular donuts.

Like most gluten-free products, these come frozen, six to a box. They’re actually quite good cold (I got impatient!) but you can also defrost them, and heat them up a bit. Also, I really liked the sugar ones with sunflower seed butter, and the chocolate ones with peanut butter.

I’ve included an ingredients list, so you can check out what kind of gluten-free flours they use. (And also note that they use a minimum of ingredients, which is nice.)Ingredients

While they have that donut taste down perfectly, and that soft donut texture, they are a bit different. A blogger that I read just commented on this: how gluten-free can be very tasty, but not exactly the same. However, they capture the zen of a good donut: sweet, but not too cloying for eating ‘em in the morning, and not at all crumbly (they’re good dunked in coffee!)

They also have powdered, custard and jelly, but I haven’t tried those yet.

donut box

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