Poznań, gluten-free pierogies, and family history

A taste of authentic Polish pierogies, and a trip to a small Polish town near-ish to where my Polish ancestors came from— really a relaxing weekend. While there are a number of vegetarian eateries in Poznań (check Happy Cow!) a combo of traveling on a holiday weekend, with many places closed, and focusing on a... Continue Reading →

The zen of alphabet soup

While I am traveling (in Gdansk as I write this) this post is not about traveling. Well, not directly, anyway: in a way, it’s about leaving. In the past month, I’ve made the sad decision to leave Poland, and have packed up my things, cleaned out my flat, had several going-away parties with friends. Now... Continue Reading →

A taste of the Polish countryside

  I was proven delightfully— and deliciously— wrong about Polish food. In particular, that it isn’t vegetarian friendly. And sure, outside of cheese pierogis, cabbage salad, beetroot soup and an endless array of potatoes, most of the food isn’t very vegetarian friendly. Until this past weekend, when I tried two dishes that were amazing, and... Continue Reading →

Polish-style tomato soup, vegan

A classic Polish soup, I’ve savored this dish in several restaurants in Poland— as well as the Czech Republic. Simple, yet delicious and filling, I’ve always had this soup served with curly pasta (occasionally with rice.) This is a recipe you’ll need for the summer, when your garden goes crazy with tomatoes. While this soup... Continue Reading →

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