Blueberry picking

I had this great idea in mind for a post: I would go pick blueberries with my family, take fabulous pictures while having a great time, and write a wonderful post about the experience. And so I went to my mom's favorite orchard, we picked (and ate!) lots of blueberries in the sun, and I... Continue Reading →

Gluten-free veggie burgers, part 2

Psst: my first review of gluten-free veggie burgers. After you’ve discovered that your beloved Morningstar products contain a ton of wheat gluten, you’ll find yourself in the frozen food-section of a grocery store with a vexing first-world problem: which of these overpriced gluten-free veggie burgers actually taste good? Luckily, curiosity and a steady job means... Continue Reading →

Exploring Croatia’s coast

To do: 1. Buy a ticket to Croatia. 2. Pack a vegetarian lunch. While Croatia is absolutely lovely— gorgeous coastlines, ancient Roman ruins, mixed with the bustle of southern European nightlife— it does have a dearth of vegetarian and vegan friendly restaurants. Fortunately, Croatian food, particularly along the coast, is very influenced by Italian cuisine, as... Continue Reading →

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