Lazy pierogi, vegan & gluten-free (leniwe pierogi)

This recipe involved talking a co-worker into helping me buy a meat grinder on Allegro, the Polish version of eBay. But your version doesn’t have to be so involved. If homemade pierogi sound delicious but too time-consuming, this is the perfect recipe. After several tries, I finally mastered this one, and so happy that I... Continue Reading →

Sad River – Smutna rzeka: translating poetry

Recently, a friend helped me to translate a poem by Krystyna Krahelska, a Polish writer and nurse who died during the Warsaw Uprising in 1944. I stumbled across her poetry while in Warsaw and looking for information about Warsaw's Siren. A sword-wielding siren has been the city's emblem since the 1300s. In 1937, Krahelska posed... Continue Reading →

Nearly drowning: women and wave imagery

At an exhibit at the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum in Santa Fe, I saw this lovely, tiny watercolor. The way the women hide their faces, and their bodies blend with the cresting waves, struck a chord with me. Often in paintings using either water or mermaid imagery by men, the women are sexy, confident, sure of themselves. Here... Continue Reading →

Lovely moment from Wroclaw: Solaris & light puppets

Recently, I had beautiful moment in Poland that really struck me. It was also the first time I’d really started to appreciate the Capital of Culture. Each year, two different European cities are selected as “capitals of culture,” and they celebrate by holding different cultural events, highlighting literature, art, music and other performances. I was... Continue Reading →

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