Product review: IKEA’s vegetable balls


My pilgrimages to IKEA are few and far between, for while I love their inexpensive furniture, I just can’t deal with how vast and thing-orientated the place is. I wind up lost, clutching a cute stuffed animal and standing in a trendy-looking room, spending too much time thinking about curtains.

And a confession: I’ve never tried their food. I know they serve Swedish meatballs, but that doesn’t sound appealing. After I finish shopping and with the warehouse, I just feel the need to flee. In addition, living in Poland, the IKEA experience comes with the added layer of language confusion, making the urge to run off even stronger.

But. A friend heard me mention that IKEA now carries veggie balls, and he brought me a bag home after a recent shopping trip. Hooray!

That's a long word.
That’s a long word.

To begin: I find the name funny, in both English and Swedish. Also, when making them, I suggest either throwing a party or only making half the bag. (A lot of veggie balls are in each bag.)

So many veggie balls...
So many veggie balls…

They’re very easy to make, just bake for 20 minutes at 120 C. The flavor is great, as they taste like the veggies they’re made from: spinach, corn, peas, carrots. The light, simple flavor goes well with whatever you want to pair it with. Also, they’re gluten-free, which is awesome.

They are a bit dry, and definitely could use some sauce. And I’m honestly really tempted to try them at IKEA’s cafe, next time I’m brave enough to make the trek.

Have you tried IKEA’s food? What did you think?

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