Black pasta roundup

Some varieties of black pasta.
Some varieties of black pasta.

What is delicious, healthy, and just looks really cool? Black pasta.

My morose inner goth girl is delighted by black noodles, all of varieties. There are two basic types of black pasta, two different ways to get lovely black noodles. One is black bean pasta, the other is black rice pasta, and both are gluten-free.

Black bean noodles.
Black bean noodles.

I’ve sung the praises of black bean pasta before, which are yummy, full of protein, and, unusual for pasta, low in carbs. The brand I’ve bought is Explore Asian Organic Black Bean Spaghetti, which cooks up easily, and unlike a lot of gluten-free noodles, doesn’t fall apart or get all mushy. The mild flavor pairs well with all veggies, and plus, they reheat well.

I’ve found it in lot of places: Meijer’s, Zerbo’s in Livonia, People’s Co op in Ann Arbor (which is also where I found the black rice noodles.)

Also tasty is the savory Forbidden Rice Ramen from Lotus Foods. While it not as protein-rich as black bean pasta, it’s still tasty and satisfies that craving for noodle-rich soup.

Black rice ramen.
Black rice ramen.

However, I was disappointed with the bean and quinoa pasta. I’ve had a lot of Ancient Harvest’s pasta before, but I wasn’t thrilled with this stuff. It had an odd, grainy aftertaste, and tended to fall apart.

Black macaroni and black bean pasta.
Black macaroni and black bean pasta.

Also, if you’re living in Poland, I’ve discovered black soybean pasta at the Delikatesy T&J in Wroclaw. (There’s on in the basement of Pasaz Grunwaldzki, as well as a few other places around the city.)


Did I miss a good black pasta? Let me know in the comments!

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