Gluten-free pumpkin pie, from scratch

I didn't start out to make from-scratch pumpkin pie— it was an accident of being unable to find canned pumpkin in Poland. However, as circumstances go, it's one I'm happy to deal with. Interestingly, Polish doesn't have a separate word for pumpkin (which is a type of squash.) When you buy pumpkins and squash, they're all... Continue Reading →

Exploring Ukraine: Green in Lviv

As a birthday present to myself, I decided to go to Lviv in Ukraine. I'd never been, and what better present to oneself than a new stamp in the passport? Lviv reminds me of Belgrade, as it’s a fantastic yet unappreciated city, with a rich history and culture to explore. Like Belgrade, Lviv has just... Continue Reading →

Finding gluten-free pierogi in Poland

This has been an ongoing search for me: gluten-free pierogi in Poland. I love pierogi, but finding proper wheat-free ones has been difficult. So far, I’ve only found two restaurants that have them on their menus, sadly. However, I have found that Polish brand Bez Gluten makes a gluten-free version. I’ll update this post if... Continue Reading →

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