Resources for Polish leftists

I've gathered up some resources for any left-leaning or progressives living or traveling in Poland. I'll be adding to this list, so if there are groups or resources that I've missed, please comment below! source LGBT+ rights First, Poland is an extremely conservative, Catholic country. For LGBTQA+ people traveling in Poland, here's some links... Continue Reading →

Guide to Polish political parties

I present: the guide to Poland's political parties, by a left-wing American Poland is this country here, home to delicious pierogi and hard-to-pronounce words. Their elections matter, because Poland is currently very right-wing, and one of the most outspoken opponents of things like refugees settling in Europe as well as gay rights and women's rights.... Continue Reading →

I hate that Black Friday is a thing in Poland

So, it’s the day after Thanksgiving! For my American viewers who survived yesterday without getting into an argument with your racist grandpa over the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict… actually, scratch that. It’s 2021. Let’s normalize putting racist Boomers and the Greatest Generation in their place.  Even if they’re family?  Especially if they’re family. For my non-American... Continue Reading →

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