Resources for Polish leftists

I’ve gathered up some resources for any left-leaning or progressives living or traveling in Poland. I’ll be adding to this list, so if there are groups or resources that I’ve missed, please comment below!


LGBT+ rights

First, Poland is an extremely conservative, Catholic country. For LGBTQA+ people traveling in Poland, here’s some links to help you stay safe:

In Poznan, there is a hostel owned by a LGBT+ rights group. I’ve stayed there before, and definitely recommend them! Stonewall Hostel

Also, most large cities have groups dedicated to resources for LGBT folks and planning events, like pride marches.

Warsaw: Lambda Warszawa

Krakow: Queerowy Maj

Wroclaw: Kultura Rownosci

Poland: LGBT Polska

Zielona Góra: Instytut Równości (English site)

Fundacja Trans-Fuzja, resources for trans people in Poland (non FB page)

If you need information about pronouns in Polish, here’s a website that explain Polish pronouns, including non-binary and gender neutral choices in Polish. ( in Polish)

Women’s rights & abortion access

Strajk Kobiet (Women’s Strike) is the group that organizes marches and events to do with women and feminist issues in Poland. It’s a nation-wide group, and most cities have their own chapters. Non FB Link.

Strajk Kobiet chapters on Facebook: Warsaw, Krakow, Poznań, Wrocław, Wałbrzych, Katowice (Nie składamy parasolek) Torun (Toruńska Brygada Feministyczna),

Manifa is the yearly march on International Women’s Day. Each city organizes their own march.

Manifa groups: Warsaw, Wroclaw, Poznań, Krakow

Abortion is extremely restricted in Poland, and essentially illegal. Polish women who want an abortion must go abroad. Here are some groups that can help you do that.

Abortion Without Borders

Political parties

I wrote a basic guide to the Political parties in Poland.

Lewica is the left-leaning political party in Poland. It’s a coalition of two main left-leaning parties, Lewica Razem, or “Left Together” (originally Razem) and Nowa Lewica, or “New Left.”

There’s many chapters and organizations in different cities. Razem Szczecin

In addition, there’s a number of other lefty political groups in Poland:

Przychodnia Skłot, an anarchist group in Wroclaw.

Spółdzielnia Praktyk Wywrotowych, an anarchist group in Krakow organizing events such as Food Not Bombs, etc.

Black Venus Protest, a feminist group that organizes events in Poznan.

Łańcuch Ludzi Śląsk, a lefty group in Lower Silesia.

Racial equality

People of Colour & Allies in Poland is a good English speaking group for people of color.

Animal rights

Otwarte Klatki is a group that supports animal rights and often sponsors vegan food events.

Most large cities have Facebook groups for vegans and vegetarians (in Polish.) Krakow, Wroclaw, Poland in general

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