Detroiter and Michigan native, I currently live in Poland. After some thought, I’ve decided to take my food blog in the direction of more lefty wing politics & pop culture analysis. I’ve been out as bisexual since the late 90s, and I’ve recently started experimenting with drag.

My two different moods

I was one of two reporters who wrote the #metoo story about Detroit journalist Jack Lessenberry for Deadline Detroit. You can find my partner Peg McNichol here.

I’m the other of A History of Wayne State in Photos, available from Wayne State Press, and I contribute articles to the fantastic website Historic Detroit. I have written restaurant reviews for Wroclaw Uncut.

In January 2017, I organized a Women’s March in Krakow.

In front of the US Consulate in Krakow. (Via the Krakow Post)

If you look back at the archives, you’ll see that most of my posts are about food and recipes. I’ve decided to change the focus of the blog to my left-wing politics.

If you want to contact me, I can be reached at: V dot 8Mile at gmail.com. Name’s Evelyn Aschenbrenner.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/v8mile

YouTube channel, Detroiter in Poland

A running list of all the places I’ve written for:

—Award: Society of Professional Journalists Excellence in Journalism: fourth place, 2018

—Book: A History of Wayne State University in Photographs (Detroit, MI: Wayne State University Press, 2009). Second edition: 2018.

—WroclawUncut.com: articles about Polish culture, 2015-present

—HistoricDetroit.org, articles about history of WSU buildings, April 2012-present

—Metro Times, reviews of vegan restaurants, 2013

Kaleo — news articles for UH student newspaper, Sept. 2011-Dec. 2011

Patch.com — community news and features for online site covering Canton, MI, 2011

Albuquerque Journal – West Side edition: Articles about new businesses, 2007

Detroit Free Press – Community section: Feature articles about  Detroit area, 2005-06

Detroit Athletic Club Magazine — Various articles, annual media issue, Oct. 2006

Detroit News Politics Weblog (www.detnews.com) — Election coverage, Nov.-Dec. 2004

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  1. Hi, I noticed you recently started following us on social media. How did you hear about us?
    If you aren’t familiar with our products, we have gluten free, vegan, and raw desserts, guac, salsas, snacks, dips, etc.
    How would you feel about us giving you some of our products in exchange for reviewing them online?

  2. I saw your booth at Eastern Market a few weeks ago, and couldn’t resist trying the guacamole!
    I’d be happy to review your products. Drop me a line: v.8mile at gmail dot com.

  3. hai thanks for the visit and follow.. you have a sweet blog here and yes many of us are turning to veggies these days….:)

    1. Traveling while veggie is an adventure in itself. Quite like your own traveling stories. Thanks for stopping by and reading my posts!

  4. Hey there! I am planning a latke contest for Dec. 2 or Dec. 11 – would you like to be a judge and taste the recipes as well as write about them? It will take place in West Bloomfield. If interested, please email me at lynne@yourppl.com and I will tell you more. Thanks!

  5. I like that you’re promoting good health and a proper focus on nutrition, something severely lacking in our world, and certainly here in North America. Although 100% gluten free isn’t for me, I’m all for a move towards plant-based diets, and a support system to help people who are struggling to eat more healthy overall. Keep up the great work! 🙂

  6. Hi there! I really enjoy reading your blog and was hoping to ask you a question or two about it. Could you please email me when you have a chance? Thank you!

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