Pączki, vegan or gluten-free

Problem: it's almost Pączki Day, but you have a dietary restriction. Solution: hit up one of the many vegan or gluten-free bakeries in the metro Detroit area. For gluten-free: try Celiac Specialties in Rochester. The pączki come frozen, but warm up nicely. For vegan, try MI Little Sweet Tooth in Clinton Township. Happy Pączki Day! Did... Continue Reading →

Black pasta roundup

What is delicious, healthy, and just looks really cool? Black pasta. My morose inner goth girl is delighted by black noodles, all of varieties. There are two basic types of black pasta, two different ways to get lovely black noodles. One is black bean pasta, the other is black rice pasta, and both are gluten-free.... Continue Reading →

Beet kvass review

On my list of foods to make is gluten-free kvass. As kvass is a Russian drink made from fermented bread, making it gluten-free will require some experimenting— trying different types of gluten-free bread, beginning a fermentation process, explaining to my flatmate what those jars all over the kitchen counter are. (Looking up the fermenting process... Continue Reading →

Savoring summer in Michigan

  Summertime in Michigan is short and needs to be savored. I'm back in my home state for a month and trying to take in as much as I can without overwhelming myself. While we all have different memories of summer, some things are universal— like food. Fresh berries, outdoor grilling, cold drinks: the flavors... Continue Reading →

Product review: IKEA’s vegetable balls

My pilgrimages to IKEA are few and far between, for while I love their inexpensive furniture, I just can't deal with how vast and thing-orientated the place is. I wind up lost, clutching a cute stuffed animal and standing in a trendy-looking room, spending too much time thinking about curtains. And a confession: I've never... Continue Reading →

Gluten-free veggie burgers, part 2

Psst: my first review of gluten-free veggie burgers. After you’ve discovered that your beloved Morningstar products contain a ton of wheat gluten, you’ll find yourself in the frozen food-section of a grocery store with a vexing first-world problem: which of these overpriced gluten-free veggie burgers actually taste good? Luckily, curiosity and a steady job means... Continue Reading →

Review: Katz gluten-free donuts

    I’d assumed that it would be easy to keep gluten-free, dairy-free donuts in the house. Wrong. Not when they’re Katz donuts, as the friends I was staying with couldn’t resist them. Pictured are the two kinds I’ve tried, sugar glazed and chocolate frosted. And they’re wonderful: perfectly sugary and sweet, the right amount... Continue Reading →

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