Quick recipe: Cool soup for a hot summer day— white chłodnik

With the heat wave in Europe, I've been struggling to stay cool. Eating a lot of salad and not using the stove during the day is one solution. Adapting recipes so they involve no cooking is another. So, I transformed a favorite Polish soup of mine, chłodnik, but leaving out the beets. I've had this take... Continue Reading →

Golden beet soup with lemongrass

"Do you want anything from the store?" Such a simple question, but when asked this with a bit of jet lag, I have a hard time answering. When I return to the U.S. from Poland, I'm always dazzled by the sheer size and variety of produce and products in American grocery stores. Particularly in high-end... Continue Reading →

Gluten-free pumpkin pie, from scratch

I didn't start out to make from-scratch pumpkin pie— it was an accident of being unable to find canned pumpkin in Poland. However, as circumstances go, it's one I'm happy to deal with. Interestingly, Polish doesn't have a separate word for pumpkin (which is a type of squash.) When you buy pumpkins and squash, they're all... Continue Reading →

Polish summer stew: leczo

This recipe is like a well-kept secret. Leczo is not as well known as some Polish dishes, but it’s delicious, healthy and filling. It took me almost two years of living in Poland before I was introduced to it. It’s also very adaptable, particularly for when your garden explodes. It’s a rich stew with a... Continue Reading →

Chilled beetroot soup (vegan)

My last post was about chłodnik, a delicious Polish summer time soup. This dish is great because it's served cold and has minimal cooking time, solving the dilemma of "too hot to cook, but I still want tasty food." To make this recipe vegan, you'll need a good quality vegan yogurt. As the original recipe uses... Continue Reading →

Chilled beet soup (Chłodnik)

  Cooking in summer can be a dilemma. I want lunch, but I don’t want to be in a hot kitchen— and salads can get repetitive. A solution? Cold soup, full of fresh veggies and herbs, with a rich yogurt base. While some chilled soups are more like glorified salsa (I’m looking at you, gazpacho)... Continue Reading →

Krupnik soup (vegan and gluten free)

One thing I love about Polish food is the different names for kinds of soup. While English names usually just explain what’s in it (cream of mushroom, for example) Polish has different names for different varieties of soup. I saw this soup at a buffet, but it had barley in it. The smell was tempting... Continue Reading →

Ukrainian borscht (Barszcz ukraiński)

I’ve changed my mind about borscht, which used to conjure up images of a bright red Russian soup with sausages. Now I’ve come to love the vegetarian Ukrainian-style borscht, or barszcz, as it’s said in Polish. The word is friendlier to my midwestern accent and the soup is absolutely delicious. Beets are naturally a touch... Continue Reading →

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