Polish summer stew: leczo

This recipe is like a well-kept secret. Leczo is not as well known as some Polish dishes, but it’s delicious, healthy and filling. It took me almost two years of living in Poland before I was introduced to it. It’s also very adaptable, particularly for when your garden explodes. It’s a rich stew with a... Continue Reading →

Vegan fish cakes

After vacationing in Denmark, I realized something. While there were fabulous vegan restaurants, none of them had vegan takes on traditional Danish food (at least none that I’ve found.) Since I didn’t find a Vegan Viking restaurant, I decided to try to make my own. Fish cakes were popular on all the restaurant menus I... Continue Reading →

Rici bici (family Christmas recipe)

For the holidays at my grandmother’s house, it wasn’t ham or turkey served up on the special heirloom china: it was a rich casserole of rice, beans and vegetables. This dish will always remind me of the holidays, and sitting around the table with family, Christmas tree lights twinkling in the background. Inspired by some... Continue Reading →

Goulash: vegan, gluten-free, and possibly Polish

Seeing signs for “authentic Czech goulash” all over Prague brought back memories of my grandmother’s goulash, which I’d always assumed was a Polish dish. What “goulash” means is a bit vague— and as my research and conversations with other relatives points to, that goulash is less about a specific recipe and more about what’s in... Continue Reading →

Vegetable lasagna, with brown rice noodles

At 14, when I was a newly-minted vegetarian, there was only one all-vegetarian restaurant near my house— the Salad Bar, on Michigan Avenue in Dearborn. One of my favorite dishes was their baked vegetable lasagna, made with broccoli. In middle school, my grandmother and I would often go together, splitting a salad and an entree.... Continue Reading →

Turkish-syle stuffed peppers

These stuffed peppers will make your house smell absolutely delicious. This is an adaptation of a Turkish recipe I saw at a demo given by the Turkish American Society of Michigan. While the blend of mint and cinnamon was unusual and delicious, I wanted something more filling than just rice. I used walnuts because they’re... Continue Reading →

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