Tasting the unexpectedly delicious: Zagreb

While Croatia’s capital had originally just been a pit stop on my way to the coast, I found myself really enjoying the outdoor cafes, museums and nightlife of Zagreb. Like Bratislava, a lesser known city with an odd name, I found myself enjoying exploring a place I wasn’t that familiar with, complete with unexpected discoveries.... Continue Reading →

Vegan veggie burgers in Warsaw

After a false start, Warsaw charmed me. Before, when I thought of Warsaw, I think of what one of my tour guides in Krakow said near the beginning of the tour: “So, this is the English tour,” she announced. “But I must ask... is anyone here from Warsaw?” All of us foreigners shook our heads.... Continue Reading →

Kraków & Nowa Huta

Not only a beautiful former capital city, steeped in Polish history, Krakow also has some of the best vegan and gluten-free cafes that I've been to in Poland. I visited Krakow a few times while living in Wroclaw, and whether you're just wandering around, or with a walking tour, Krakow is a wonderful city to... Continue Reading →

Poland’s coast: Gdańsk, Sopot and Malbork

Gdańsk, the large Polish city on the Baltic Sea, is the perfect combo of beautiful historical city, cool restaurants to check out, and nature and beach just fifteen minutes away. I loved this area so much I extended my stay by several nights. Also, I found several good restaurants, with tasty Polish-inspired vegetarian food. After... Continue Reading →

A taste of the Polish countryside

  I was proven delightfully— and deliciously— wrong about Polish food. In particular, that it isn’t vegetarian friendly. And sure, outside of cheese pierogis, cabbage salad, beetroot soup and an endless array of potatoes, most of the food isn’t very vegetarian friendly. Until this past weekend, when I tried two dishes that were amazing, and... Continue Reading →

Water, juice, and cultural differences

  Something I need to vent about: how European bars and restaurants are incredibly stingy with water. If you order water, you get a bottle of water— sometimes really tiny!— and good luck getting a regular glass of tap water. On the flip side, I’ve noticed how easy it is to get really excellent juice... Continue Reading →

Wszstykie krasnalowe: all the female dwarfs

When I first moved to Wrocław, right away I noticed the dwarves: sitting on windowsills, hanging from lampposts, swimming in fountains. Part delightful whimsy, part tourist attraction, the dwarves are little statues that are placed all over the city— and their numbers are slowly increasing. Some are sponsored by the city, some are privately owned—... Continue Reading →

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