Sugar noodles (Makaron z cukrem)

Yes, this is a communist dessert. I first saw this recipe on East Germany museum's restaurant's menu, and my then-dining companion recognized it from his childhood. When candy and chocolate was scarce, it made an easy dessert for kids, in a pinch. For my birthday, I asked him to make it for me, as I love noodles—... Continue Reading →

The 12 Plates of Christmas

Despite being a kiełbasa-loving country, Christmas dinner in Poland is basically vegetarian, a tradition with roots in the Catholic church. It’s also traditional to leave an extra plate setting on the table for an unexpected guest or people who don’t have family nearby. (Think of an inn keeper offering a manger to a certain family.)... Continue Reading →

Comfort food: milk soup

All my flatmates have colds, so I’ve been asking my students about Polish home remedies for coughs. One of my students mentioned garlic mixed with hot milk. Which sounded gross at first, but then I realized it reminded me of a childhood cold remedy: milk soup. While it’s very simple— just warm milk and a... Continue Reading →

Halloween in Poland?

A question about Halloween being celebrated in Poland devolved into a heated discussion about “a devil’s holiday” between my Polish students in an English class this week. I defused the discussion by bringing up El Dia de los Muertos, the Hispanic holiday that seems between both Halloween and All Saint’s Day, spiritually— where mourning and... Continue Reading →

Sticky finger scones: product review

While I had all these great plans of homecooked meals together when I was in New Mexico, that didn’t quite happen. Like my last post said, I find an element of comfort and relaxation in Albuquerque— due in part, no doubt, of my having living there for two years. (Outside of Detroit, one of the... Continue Reading →

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