Black pasta roundup

What is delicious, healthy, and just looks really cool? Black pasta. My morose inner goth girl is delighted by black noodles, all of varieties. There are two basic types of black pasta, two different ways to get lovely black noodles. One is black bean pasta, the other is black rice pasta, and both are gluten-free.... Continue Reading →

Halloween pasta

This is, hands down, my favorite holiday— and I like giving as many things as I can a Halloween-y touch. Costumes, spooky things, candy— and of course, the proper colors. So, here are reviews of two pastas, which when combined, make the perfect Halloween noodle dish. First up is Tolerant red lentil penne pasta, which... Continue Reading →

Black bean noodles

When I was a teenager, and “helping” my mom repaint my bedroom, I painted my closet black. Which immediately made it impossible to find anything, as all my clothes were black as well. Which is likely why, years later, the goth girl in me grabbed a package of black bean noodles while grocery shopping. Pasta... Continue Reading →

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