3 new vegan eateries to check out in Detroit

Heck yeah: It's Friday, it's sunny, and Detroit & Ann Arbor are getting three new vegan (and vegan friendly) restaurants. I'm pretty excited about this, as Detroit has been slow to embrace vegan food. And while I love places like Seva's, Inn Season and Cacao Tree, it's great to have new places to try. In... Continue Reading →

Saturday in Detroit

It was a perfect day to spend in Detroit. Every time I leave Detroit and come back, I wonder why I left in the first place. Especially seeing the new growth, business and development— particularly outside the downtown/Midtown area— I have been very happy to see the city grow and really start to make steps... Continue Reading →

Restaurant reviews and listings: Detroit

I’ve indicated whether each restaurant is vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free. All places with a vegetarian-only menu are in bold. Detroit Detroit Vegan Soul, Indian Village (vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free)          With recipes based on family dishes and quality ingredients, this place is a must-try. All the food I’ve had has been excellent, and the recipes are... Continue Reading →

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