Learning to speak English

I always knew British and American English were different, but never realized how different they were until I started living in Europe and attempted to order food at restaurants with English menus. My first failure was at a restaurant in Dresden, when I asked the waitress what a "courgette" is. “Courgette is an English word,”... Continue Reading →

Eggplant & tomato bake

Eggplants are funny vegetables— lovely color, delicate flavor, but if cooked wrong, they’re pretty tasteless and horrible. And badly cooked eggplant has actually ended two dates I’ve been on. One was years ago, when a fellow came over to my place, ignored my gentle suggestions for food I do like, and made this big deal... Continue Reading →

Vegetable lasagna, with brown rice noodles

At 14, when I was a newly-minted vegetarian, there was only one all-vegetarian restaurant near my house— the Salad Bar, on Michigan Avenue in Dearborn. One of my favorite dishes was their baked vegetable lasagna, made with broccoli. In middle school, my grandmother and I would often go together, splitting a salad and an entree.... Continue Reading →

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