Buckwheat noodles (makaron gryczany): pasta review

I've been remiss about posting lately— dealing with tax forms in Polish will do that!— and to relax, I've fallen on two good standbys: grocery shopping and trying a new kind of pasta. Buckwheat, a grain that gets quite fluffy when cooked, is a lot more popular in Poland than in the U.S. I've been... Continue Reading →

Halloween pasta

This is, hands down, my favorite holiday— and I like giving as many things as I can a Halloween-y touch. Costumes, spooky things, candy— and of course, the proper colors. So, here are reviews of two pastas, which when combined, make the perfect Halloween noodle dish. First up is Tolerant red lentil penne pasta, which... Continue Reading →

Michigan & midwest made gluten-free noodles

This will likely be my last noodle review for a while— and this time, I’m writing about locally made gluten-free pasta. I spotted Mrs. Glee’s gluten-free bean noodles at the Ypsilanti Food Co-Op. As a lot of noodles are just empty carbohydrates, Mrs. Glee’s are different— with 8 grams of protein a serving, they’re actually... Continue Reading →

Eating soba with confidence

I first tasted soba noodles in Chicago, looking for vegetarian options at a sushi restaurant. Served chilled, with green onions and a savory dipping sauce, soba has a stronger flavor than plain old wheat or rice pasta. They’re made with buckwheat, a grain that’s actually not related to wheat at all— hooray the accuracy of... Continue Reading →

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