Black pasta roundup

What is delicious, healthy, and just looks really cool? Black pasta. My morose inner goth girl is delighted by black noodles, all of varieties. There are two basic types of black pasta, two different ways to get lovely black noodles. One is black bean pasta, the other is black rice pasta, and both are gluten-free.... Continue Reading →

Rici bici (family Christmas recipe)

For the holidays at my grandmother’s house, it wasn’t ham or turkey served up on the special heirloom china: it was a rich casserole of rice, beans and vegetables. This dish will always remind me of the holidays, and sitting around the table with family, Christmas tree lights twinkling in the background. Inspired by some... Continue Reading →

Giving thanks: cool friends and family

It’s easy to spend time being grumpy about folks not understanding why I’m a vegetarian or gluten-free. But this Thanksgiving, when I’m eleventy-thousand milemeters from home,* I’m realizing how great my friends and family are— and how lucky I am. So here is a shoutout to my awesome friends and family who are cheerfully creative... Continue Reading →

Housekeeping: new gluten-free MI resources

Super short post, but I want to mention: I have put together a list of resources for those going gluten-free in Michigan, such as support groups and bakeries. Priorities! Also, I've slightly reorganized my menus— hoping to make my blog easier to navigate. Please take a moment to admire my brand-new banner, showing both Detroit and Poland,... Continue Reading →

Easy breakfast recipe for Labor Day

Visiting my family in Chicago as a child was so exciting—of course, the city was great fun. Also, my grandfather would make breakfast, and his molletes were spicy and delicious, and something I never had at home. Here is that recipe, for Labor Day. These little open-faced breakfast sandwiches are super easy to make. My grandfather... Continue Reading →

Cabbage & rice noodle pancakes

The recipe was invented so I could enjoy the fried veggie pancakes I’ve seen in Poland, and also to deal with a surplus of rice noodles. When I first moved to the Czech Republic, I bought wayyy more rice noodles then I needed. Since I was unfamiliar with the grocery stores and what was available,... Continue Reading →

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