Tasty Bakery review: the sweetness of gluten-free

Finding delicious, satisfying treats when eating gluten-free or vegan can be like a scavenger hunt. But discovering Tasty Bakery tucked among the produce stalls at the Ann Arbor Farmers Market’s is like discovering a treasure trove: rich brownies, chewy cookies, and other seasonal treats. Baker Julie Rabinovitz, who has Celiac's, has been crafting gluten-free sweets... Continue Reading →

Dining out in Grand Rapids

If a work of art is popular with the public, does that make it “good” art? Which is more important, the artist critics’ perceptions or the common person? And, perhaps most importantly, where can we find lunch? These, and other questions, I wondered walking around the streets of Grand Rapids. But after seeing Art Prize,... Continue Reading →

Michigan pasties, vegetarian and gluten free

Full disclosure: I’ve never eaten a pasty, prior to this recipe. I went vegetarian at the tender age of 14, and the only northern Michigan delicacy I’ve succumbed to is fudge. (Mmm fudge...) A few years back, I took a camping trip through the upper peninsula, the U.P.— and all those signs advertising pasties caught my... Continue Reading →

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