Lost in translation: buying spices in a foreign language

Cumin is a key spice in one of my favorite dishes— red lentil köfte. But it’s a bit trickier to translate, unlike sol and pieprz, the Polish words for salt and pepper. When cooking red lentils recently, I’d bought what Google Translate said cumin was in Polish: kumin. Hooray for easy to remember Polish words!... Continue Reading →

Cabbage & rice noodle pancakes

The recipe was invented so I could enjoy the fried veggie pancakes I’ve seen in Poland, and also to deal with a surplus of rice noodles. When I first moved to the Czech Republic, I bought wayyy more rice noodles then I needed. Since I was unfamiliar with the grocery stores and what was available,... Continue Reading →

Return to Wrocław

Sometimes, a holiday needs to be just that— a holiday— and so I spent my five days off around Easter back in Poland, re-visiting my favorite vegetarian restaurants, photographing the city’s dwarfs, and getting some writing and reflection done in coffee shops. Ok, I’ll admit: sometimes I feel like exploring a whole new city. Others,... Continue Reading →

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