Eggplant & tomato bake

Eggplants are funny vegetables— lovely color, delicate flavor, but if cooked wrong, they’re pretty tasteless and horrible. And badly cooked eggplant has actually ended two dates I’ve been on. One was years ago, when a fellow came over to my place, ignored my gentle suggestions for food I do like, and made this big deal... Continue Reading →

Vegan loco moco

This food satisfies two cravings: to imagine I’m in a tropical place and to eat a pile of food. The answer? The loco moco. Loco moco is a Hawaiian dish, traditionally consists of two scoops of rice, a hamburger patty, an egg, all topped with brown gravy. Yes, it’s heavy! I saw this on a... Continue Reading →

Vegan cheese (made without soy)

This recipe floored me. This cheese is so easy to make— and very, very tasty. And since it’s main ingredients are cashews and spices, it seems healthier than something very processed. When I first thought about making vegan cheese, I figured it was super crazy complicated, would require kitchen equipment I couldn’t afford and take... Continue Reading →

New Mexican breakfast burritos

The vegan version can be found here. My favorite food from living in Albuquerque are breakfast burritos, the quintessential breakfast food. Yes, they’re very simple— but that may be why they’re so satisfying. Warn and spicy, they make a wonderful, filling breakfast food. I covered the different kinds of gluten-free tortillas that are available in... Continue Reading →

Vegan Turkish yogurt soup

Before I tried to make this soup, I had NO idea how hard it was to find plain nondairy yogurt in the Detroit area. I mean, really? No lactose-intolerance folks around, convincing Meijer to keep plain soy yogurt on the shelves? And I need to stress: whatever type of nondairy yogurt you use, make sure... Continue Reading →

Rosemary potato pizza

So what’s better than pizza? Pizza with potatoes, that’s what. And this pizza is remarkably simple. The first time I had potato pizza, a friend of a friend brought home a bunch of slices from the parlor he worked at in Royal Oak. I didn't ask him the name of the parlor, and then forgot... Continue Reading →

Red lentil köfte (mercimek köftesi)

I happened on this food by accident— a wonderful, slightly inebriated, delightful accident. This is the one time I didn’t quite believe my students. Usually, köfte refers to Turkish meatballs. My younger students often named köfte, meatballs, as their favorite food. However, my older students insisted that there was a vegetarian version of köfte, made with... Continue Reading →

Polish pickle soup

When I lived in Hamtramck, I loved buying homemade pickle soup from the Polish Market at the end of my street. I still miss their pirogies, but that’s a post for another day. Cucumbers are one of my favorite veggies— but cucumber soup is best served chilled. And until the temperature gets back into the... Continue Reading →

Carrot garlic soup

So it’s flu week at my work. I’m a teacher, and there’s only so much I can do to avoid other people’s germs. Short of washing my hands, popping vitamin C and generally trying to avoid being coughed on, I’ve been trying to eat healthy stuff. This soup is super easy to make, and has... Continue Reading →

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